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Home-based Super Eagles thump Benin in WAFU Cup

Posted: 9 April 2010 Time: 18:45

Nigeria's home-based Super Eagles eased the pressure on coach Daniel Amokachi with a 4-0 win over Benin Republic in the opening game of the WAFU Cup competition in Abeokuta on Friday.

Second half goals from Gbolahan Salami, ThankGod Ike, Gabriel Reuben and Chinedu Ezimorah secured what proved to be a comfortable win in the end.

Amokachi's team have been reeling under the weight of public censure since being eliminated from the African Nations Championships by Niger, and the WAFU tournament is being seen as make or break for the former Super Eagles striker.

His wards started understandably shaky as they tried to impose their authority in the opening stages. But penetration was hard to find against a sturdy Benin defence, and when they did get behind, atrocious shooting cost them.

If the first half was a case of missed opportunities, it looked like continuing in the second, at least for the opening quarter hour.

But things changed when Gbolahan Salami converted a penalty on the hour mark and Amokachi reorganised his team with two substitutions.

It was one of those subs, Ejike Uzoenyi, whose contribution proved decisive. He was involved in the buildup to the delivery that saw ThankGod Ike plant a header into the net for 2-0, and then set up the best goal of the afternoon.

Picking up the ball down the left channel, the forward jinxed his way down the far side, taking two defenders along with him before squaring a cut-back into the gaping hole they had left behind for Reuben to side-foot a fine finish.

Uzoenyi was involved again in the last goal, sending a cross field ball to Ahmed Musa on the opposite side.

The League top scorer broke with pace, then laid on a low ball across the face of goal for the simplest of tap ins by Amokachi's final substitute Chinedu Ezimorah, who had been on the pitch for just about a minute and was having only his second touch.

Line-up: 1. Akpan Bassey, 2. Terna Suswan, 3. Mutiu Adegoke, 14. Gabriel Reuben, 4. ThankGod Ike, 5. Promise Onuh, 10. Ahmed Musa, 13. Ikechukwu Ibenegbu (Chinedu Ezimora), 17. Eugene Salami (Ejike Uzoenyi), 15. Solomon Okpako, 16. Gbolahan Salami (Uche Nwofor)

Subs: 12. Austin Brown, 6. Chibuzor Okonkwo, 8. Chinedu Ezimorah, 11. Taiwo Hassan, 7. Ejike Uzoenyi, 9. Uche Nwofor, 18. Agbim

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posted: 06:53 pm
Thumbs up to Ahmed Musa the leagues leading goal scorer.if ur recent form continues be rest assured of a place come June 2010 4 d world cup.ur 1 of the few performing(on form) Nigerians around at the moment... Gd luck in ur endeavors

yours sincerely
the patriot!
posted: 07:18 pm
I happy small 4 the victory but make dem sack amokachi. Lagerback, abeg allow amokachi 2 be fitness trainer for super eagles bc this guy no get grade A coaching cert. Make Amokachi represent 9ja 4 weightlifting & boxing
posted: 07:47 pm
I hope Amokachi will use this WAFU cup to justify his inclusion in the Super Eagles as the assistant coach, most especially as majority of the fans are calling for his head. Perhaps the home based eagles could also attract the attention of Lagerback if they continue with this impressive run.
I wish him and the home based super eagles the best of luck.
posted: 07:49 pm
Good result for Amokachi and his home based Eagles, I hope they will use this tournament to redeem their battered image. I wish them the best.
posted: 08:51 pm
WAFU Cup, heh!.Amokachi failed alongside Amodu at the Nations cup, he was sent to handle home based players for the other nations cup and he failed again.His reward for failure is to take some players to an inferior tournament called WAFU cup. Look, those guys at the NFF know they can dictate to him, he is not qualified and he is very broke, he needs the money- simple. If we want to move up, Nff must get solid coaches, and not one of their boys, its not their personal property. SIASIA and Oliseh are just two names they can call upon.
posted: 09:18 pm
pls forumites.. Amodu never resume work? he still dey on holidays?
posted: 10:27 pm
Amokachi justify or no justify.Home base eagles this is just medicine after death,that´s my own opinion.God bless me and my fellow forumites.
posted: 10:28 pm
Formites look at what i read in sun paper i also verifed it in a swedish site i posted the other time....

Lagerback monitors Eagles in Switzerland, France
By Richard Jideaka, Abuja
Thursday, April 08, 2010
Photo: Sun News Publishing

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Super Eagles technical adviser, Lars Lagerback says he has completed his monitoring exercise of Nigerian players in France and Switzerland and is set to visit other European countries

The former Sweden national team coach speaking from his home country said that he had done a lot in France and Switzerland and that he would embark on the visit to Germany, Belgium, Spain and any other country where Nigerian players are featuring in their leagues
`I have been able to get dossier of some players in France and Switzerland and hopefully I would visit other players scattered in Europe before making my list public may be by the end of the month. I am working hard to ensure that I get the best Nigerian players for the world cup

`England will be my last port of call and from there I would stay back to receive the players to our world cup camp. Don't ask me the players I met so far because you all know Nigerian players based in France and Switzerland. Just wait till I make my list public` he stated

Meanwhile, Assistant General Secretary [technical] James Peters has expressed satisfaction with the approach of lars Lagerback to job of tinkering the Super Eagles to a good outing at the world cup in south Africa.
He said the man has so far proved to be a very meticulous person by collecting data of the players and watching clips, live matches and recorded matches of some players in Europe without rushing to see them adding that he believe the man would make Eagles formidable again

posted: 01:48 am
Eagles can handle Messi - Chukwu
Thursday, April 08, 2010

Photo: Sun News Publishing
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To many Nigerian football fans, who watched the Tuesday’s UEFA Champions League duel between Barcelona and Arsenal, the fear of Lionel Messi, on the pitch, is the beginning of wisdom, but the Super Eagles’ former coach, Christian Chukwu, said the country could produce formidable squad that would stop him at the World Cup proper in South Africa.

The coach, popularly called 'Chairman', said Nigerians should not lose sleep over Messi's magnificent form, saying that he may not be in the same level for his country's national team during the World Cup.
Messi single-handedly put the defending champion into the Champions League semifinals after scoring all his team's goals in a 4-1 victory over Arsenal in a quarterfinal second leg on Tuesday. Barcelona progressed 6-3 on aggregate and will play Inter Milan in the last four.
The Argentina’s forward is on 39 goals for the campaign, topping last season's total by one, and has 50 in sight.

The former Eagles’ skipper said Nigeria could produce quality defenders who could stop the roaring Argentine player in South Africa. “I believe Messi is not invincible. Though, he is one-man riot squad. Nigeria can frustrate him out of the game. I think we have the players who could make the difference. It also depends on the strategy of the coach for the match,”he said.

“Now, we don't even know the calibre of players that would play for Nigeria at the World Cup but the team need to really work hard and rise up to the billing. Messi or no Messi, World Cup is a different ball game. It's a battle for the best across the globe and only the best triumphs,”Chukwu said. Messi is at his best. he scored two hat-tricks in three games last month- which has also made him the favorite to be crowned world player of the year, the award he was given last season.

Arsenal’s coach said shortly after the defeat of his team: “I believe we lost against a team that is better than us and that has the best player in the world,” Arsenal’s manager, Arsene Wenger, said: “Once he's on the run, Messi is unstoppable. He's the only player who can change direction at such a pace.” Netherlands and Barcelona great, Johan Cruyff, believes Messi is the world's best player because he has a team that is suited to his skills and because he reads the game perfectly.

“He has the capacity to do the difficult things without suffering, without distress … if you suffer, you can't be the best in anything,” Cruyff wrote in his regular column in El Periodico newspaper. “Leo floats over the field- sometimes you have the sensation he's not even there, that he's hiding. But he's there and the rival knows it.” Barcelona’s Coach, Pep Guardiola, said the secret of Messi, who has helped the Spanish champion to its third straight semifinal appearance, was his humility. “The good thing about Messi is that tomorrow, he will get up and look for the affection of his people and his teammates,” Guardiola said: “I like the love he has for football and his anonymous character.”

Messi's performance has even united Spanish football fans only three days before Barcelona and Real Madrid played each other, with the league title hanging in the balance. “The king of football,” the usually Madrid-friendly sports daily Marca wrote Wednesday before spelling out a warning for Saturday's match: “And how do we stop this guy?”
posted: 06:57 am
Good result for Amokachi and the boys, i hope this can help increase their confidence.

posted: 07:09 am
@OKEY, What is news about this story of Lagerback u keep recylcing. The story has no relevance to the topic. Its no news that Lagerback has been to france and switzerland. That is his job to monitor players for now. At the end of the monitoring, lets see how many players will be unearthed from the tours.

posted: 03:04 pm
Countdown to 2010: Random Thoughts and the UNDUE FEAR FOR MESSI
First of all, let us address a national issue here. When we call something national or federal, that means we expect the best from this tier of government. Suffice to say that for some average Nigerians, they could afford to send their kids to to good primary and secondary private schools. Where they sat on good chairs, ate good food and all that. But for those students to now gain admission to a federal university only to sit on the floor to receive lectures(at least in the first year) in an over crowded class where there is no ventillation. It seems our federal tier of government which is meant to provide succour when other lower tiers have failed get 'K' leg.

On the football scene, a player playing for Worri wolves or Enyimba or Heartland or Kano Pillars. During continental engagements they make sure their players travel by air. And these homebased players are used to that. Now when it comes to the national team. The same homebased player whom had hitherto flown by air playing for his local clubside on continental assignments is now been asked to travel to Niger by road. I thought the national team is a place where players would look forward to with enthusiasm and an opportunity to taste what it is to represent your country. But, just like the students who sits down on the floor to receive lectures in the university, they are undone by some Nigerian Foolish Fools (NFF)members whom will prefer to go to London and meet ''Senior'' Super Eagles players with tax players money. I hope they are learning from Lagerback, 1. When it comes to monitoring players, it is the duty of the Coach and his assistants who goes to watch them-as Lagerback is currently doing. 2. Not some cabals whose interest in Nigerian football is to preserve their own personal interests. No wonder they feared that should the WHITE PAPER be released on the stollen 236 000 dollars, their evils would be revealed and disgrace will follow. It even appears to me that they know those who stole the money indeed, but remember even if you have succeeded in stealing the money ''HE WHO SOWS THE WIND, WILL REAP THE WHIRLWIND.''

Moral of the story, put square pegs in square holes. Let students and Nigerian players and entire citizenry know that a government exists that care about them.

I was perplexed by the outcry of pundits and forumites in this forum by their reaction when Messi scored four goals against Arsenal. I am sure, none saw that Messi only uses one leg. He is a one legged player. Only scores with his right atimes. I am sure that none saw that after dispossesing Messi of balls, he cannot mark or fight to get the ball back? I am sure none saw during the first match at the emirates that on one occassion, he came face to face with Denilson, and the later refused to move his legs. What did Messi do? Instead of even doing some body movements to displace Denilson, he rather turned back and gave a back pass. Messi can be stopped. And remember that during the olympics, there was a period, he was confined to his own half by the U-23 team. He was frustrated he could not have space to move about. Deny him space and he is useless on the pitch. Though I respect him and would not want to play against him as a coach but under this scenario, it is how can we stop him that is essential. World cup is not for the chicken hearted fans and Forumites.

Lagerback won the Argies in 2002, no one seems to remember that. He has mentioned the strategies to finish them off viz-a-viz 1. We will not allow them to score us first. If we do that very well, then 2. We will frustrate them and 3. We score against them. That is a good coach who knows his onions. If we continue to think of the strengths of our opponents and not focus on our own strength, then we would have had HBP(did I remember Amodu!) before the match. It is on record that the only Coach that led the fans of the SE to ever boo the national anthem is AMODU. Even when they play in Lagos, Lagos fans would only boo them for bad football rather than boo national anthem. Amodu United, arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Those Nigeria Football Fools, do not know that Sunday is not Nigeria's day for playing football. We play on Saturdays like the English. I will never stop mentioning this until LULUHOODS revert to the old Saturday.
posted: 04:21 pm
@KEN GADDAFFI.....i am not suprised that u are not impressed that he went to see our player....something that ur god father, MUMUDU could not do after 2 years...of a truth , the apple does not fall far away from the tree....not far from CAMBODIA......if u are not excited, well i am ..... i hope MUMUDU wins his court case so that u two plus ice queen can share the proceeds.....i know i are just praying for lars to fail so that u can gloat....i have news for u ...ur wish will never come true...lars will offically bury u after our game with argentina.......
posted: 04:53 pm
Ken G pls contact my skype pls. I need a favour. Kinda urgent pls
Congrats to Amokachi

posted: 08:20 pm
@ KON pls give us an update on the WAFU Cup and events in south Africa concerning the under 20.just learnt that Amokachi and his boys has recorded another huge win against Guinea 5-0.i expect to see a change of attitude from naija footie fans concerning the home base eagles.since the imposition of NFF [peter ekeji] selected boys and their dismal performance against the Nigeriens,there has been lots of dissappointment and negative comments about them.i hope they continue to do well in this tournament.
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