Iconic Amakhosi Colours for an Iconic Car

You can’t buy cool. You can’t buy a feeling or a memory. But in a workshop in Paarl, Vodacom and the team at LA Customs are busy creating an iconic car that will embody everything of the iconic status of Kaizer Chiefs Football Club, and which will take one lucky winner back to a historic era in South African football history.

Gino Lange, the owner of LA Customs, was the man tasked by Vodacom to search the countryside for an authentic Toyota Twincam GLI Sprinter, or a Kentucky Rounder as it’s always been known on the township streets, as part of Vodacom’s Sisonke Siya Winna campaign.

His brief has been to rebuild this car to all the authenticity that made it such an icon of its day, while bringing in the Kaizer Chiefs brand.

And nothing signifies the Kaizer Chiefs brand more than the iconic black and gold club colours.

“This is definitely going to be a very unique paint job,” says Lange.

“When we went through the various gold colour options for this car, we decided to go for a more metallic gold version. That’s going to give it far more character than just a flat gold paint job.”

The job of painting the car is an arduous process of many hours that will eventually be part of the over 200 hours the team at LA Customs will put into completely rebuilding this one car.

“Once you’ve decided on the colour, you start the process of getting the car ready for painting. There is a lot of preparation involved in this. First, we completely strip the car. Then we sand and block it. Next, we apply the primer and then you start spraying. My painter is a perfectionist so this can take some time.”

But creating an icon doesn’t come easy, whether it’s building an iconic football club or painting an iconic car.

“The challenge with the Kaizer Chiefs Kentucky Rounder is that it’s a two-tone paint job – black and gold. That makes it a bit more strenuous when it comes to masking because you can’t have colour bleeds. You’ve got to find the right line to start with, and it has to be taped up equally on both sides. So, you’ve got to find a line to tape it on and follow on from there. That’s a challenge,” says Lange.

Lange has gone to great pains to pull this colour theme throughout the rest of the design of the car, right down to his selection of the sound system to be installed.

“The black and gold of Kaizer Chiefs fits perfectly with the Kicker sound system, which also comes out in black and gold.”

South Africa is one of only a handful of countries worldwide that specialises in the rebuilding of Toyota Twincams, and Lange is a devotee of a car he believes epitomises icon status.

“This car was big on the drag racing scene and everybody wanted one. It was the top-of-the-line Toyota to have at the time and it definitely fits the bill of an icon. This is the car that the Kaizer Chiefs players of that era would’ve aspired to own.”

And now one lucky Kaizer Chiefs fan will own that era with a car in the same iconic black and gold of the jersey beloved Kaizer Chiefs chairman Kaizer Motaung once wore himself.

To stand a chance to win this incredible vehicle, Kaizer Chiefs fans simply need to follow @VodacomSoccer on Twitter to get more details or click https://bit.ly/3iTy1jM to enter. Amakhosi will also get to double their entries when they connect and recharge with KC Mobile.

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