Predictor / PSL Predictor 2021/22


Make the football season more fun and engaging by showing off your prediction skills and competing against other readers to predict the results of select fixtures on the football calendar every week.To do this, select the relevant round as it opens for predictions – each round consists of five fixtures or more, running until the conclusion of the season – then input your predictions for each fixture in the round. Once you are happy with your choices, save your predictions and enjoy the games. The KickOff PSL Predictor game will run for the entire duration of the season.


You can score points in these three ways. Guessing the score correctly earns you five points. Guessing it in the correct margin (eg, winning by two goals) earns you three points. Guessing the right result (win, draw, lose) earns you two points. Top predictors will be able to earn a place on the leaderboards (overall and team).  There is also private leagues, where you can play against friends, as well as public leagues which anybody can join.


If you got a free Kickoff account, you can just sign in with your username and password. If you need an account, sign up for yours now, it only takes a few seconds.

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