'Messi did bodybuilding in training'

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A former teammate of Lionel Messi's has revealed a surprising element of the Paris Saint-Germain superstar's training regimen during their time together with Argentina.

Former PSG and Albiceleste attacking midfielder Javier Pastore, who now plays for LaLiga side Elche, recently expressed his delight at seeing Messi join the French giants, a club he believes was the "best option for him to join". 

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"I was a little surprised [of him signing for PSG] because I sincerely thought he was going to stay in Barcelona," Pastore told Goal

"When the news came out that he could not stay, I already knew that the only team that could take him was PSG. Not just for the money, but also for the city, the quality of life and a lot of things. It was the best option for him to join PSG.

"Now we are a supporter not only of PSG, but also of Messi. It is a club where I played and it makes me happy that the best player in the world plays there too."

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Pastore also revealed a rather unexpected aspect of the workout routine Messi followed during their time together in the Argentina fold, when the ex-FC Barcelona captain would hit the weights. 

"I started in the national team and I already saw him in training, in bodybuilding," he added. 

"You know that is the best player in the world and you see him training two hours before, in the weight room, he does his stuff. 

"When you see that, it means that young people or us – normal players – need to do that a lot more to be next to him. It's something that players like Leo pass on."

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