Klopp defends 'little' AFCON comment

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has defended his comments about the Africa Cup of Nations after he controversially referenced it as a "little tournament" on Saturday.  

After of the Reds' win over Mikel Arteta's Arsenal last weekend, the German coach described the upcoming January tournament as a "little" one during a press conference in response to a reporter who had said there was no international football until March next year, with the statement seemingly causing an uproar on social media.

After the Premier League side secured a 2-1 win over FC Porto on Wednesday night, the 54-year-old found himself in a tense back-and-forth exchange with a journalist who felt that Klopp needed to apologise for his remark about the African competition, but the tactician insisted that his comment was taken out of context.  

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The dialogue went as follows, per the Daily Mail:

Reporter: Hi Jurgen, during your last pre-match presser, you deliberately called the Africa Cup of Nations a "little tournament". I think it's an insult to the players, an insult to the fans, an insult to the people on the continent and I think you owe the continent an apology.

Klopp: I didn't mean it like that. I didn't mean it like that, I don't know why you understand it like that, to be honest... 

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Reporter: That was what you said, I listened to the presser and you said the continent in Africa [is little], that is what you said.

Klopp: I didn't mean it like that, come on. So I was not even close to it being the idea in my mind that I want to talk about the Africa Cup of Nations as a "little tournament" or the continent of Africa as a little continent, not at all. What I meant was, if you watch the whole press conference then you might have understood it the right way if you wanted to, because I said there are no international breaks until March now. I said, "Oh there's a little tournament in January" and I didn't mean a little tournament, I was just saying it's still a tournament, it's ironic. It's still a tournament, a big one. We lose our best players to that tournament.

Reporter: But you wouldn't say that in Europe, you wouldn't say a "little tournament in Europe"...

Klopp: I am not a native speaker but if you want to understand me wrong, you can do that all the time. I know that I would never think like this. I don't understand why you thought this to be honest, but that's really not OK as I would never do that. But that is it now. It was not my intention but you made something [more] of it, so that is not so cool, to be 100% honest." 

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