Alves: I don't care about money

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Having returned to Spain, Brazil star Dani Alves has insisted that he "does not care about money", and revealed that he has been trying to rejoin FC Barcelona for the past five years. 

The fullback's return to the LaLiga giants came not too long after the club confirmed the appointment of his former Blaugrana teammate Xavi Hernandez as manager, with Alves signing a short-term deal until the end of this season. 

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With the Catalans struggling financially, it was reported that the 38-year-old is not getting paid a huge sum compared to some of his new teammates, but he has now insisted that the salary package he was in for was never an issue.

"Everyone is used to only caring about the money, not me though," Alves explained in an interview with Sport.

"Before, I never had money. For me, having a couple million more won't change my life. Life ends, and we don't take our boats or private jets to the grave.

"We have the memories and the good moments."  

The three-time UEFA Champions League winner also expressed his relief that his return finally materialised after years of waiting. 

"I've been trying to rejoin Barca for the last five years," Alves added.  

"When I left for Juventus, I said to myself that I would have a couple of great seasons there, then return to Barca.  

"Obviously, it did not work out. I went to PSG later. And it did not work out either. Then Brazil, nothing. I had the same mentality. 

"It's difficult to return to Barca when you play in Brazil and people say that you are finished. But I wanted to return to this great club."

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Alves also touched on Lionel Messi's exit from Catalonia and the slow start the Argentine has had to life with Paris Saint-Germain. 

"Football taught me that no matter your talent, you always have to adapt to your new adventure. It doesn't matter who you are," the veteran continued.

"That's happening with Messi right now. He is human too.

"He left the club of his life to another club where everything is new."

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