Adebayor: Why I chose Togo over France

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Emmanuel Adebayor has revealed why he chose to represent Togo over France, and made a shock comparison between the Africa Cup of Nations and the FIFA World Cup.  

The retired striker had a well-lauded club career that saw him play for clubs such as Real Madrid, Arsenal and Manchester City, while he set records with his national team during his 19-years as a professional footballer.  

According to Transfermarkt, the ex-frontman has 279 goal contributions in 593 club matches, while his 29 strikes in 66 games for Togo is makes him the country's all-time top goalscorer.

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However, Adebayor recently admitted in an interview that he had the option to have a completely different career after he was given the chance to represent France at junior level.  

“I had made my choice long time ago because since I was playing for under-15, I don’t have a choice." the 37-year-old told 3Sports. 

“Why did they give me a choice to play for France or Togo, I told them forget it, its never going to happen. I cant’ see myself playing for a national team of France.  

“I’d have to go back home. I’m from Togo and I was born in Togo. So for me, I will die as an African so telling them those things but they have to decide what they want.  

“People will tell them don’t go it’s a (expletive) tournament. How do you see it? I see it just like a World Cup.  

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“That’s why I always said I want to beat the record in Togo, which I have done. I played five Africa Cup of nations. Only two or three to do that, so for me that’s what made me happiness.  

“So I think my brothers will have to decide and tell them this is not a game.  

“I am going back home, this is about the motherland and there is nothing better than motherland. At that point they have to stick on that and say it loud and clear.” 

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