'Messi is an alien, but not to us'

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Argentina star Angel Di Maria has revealed that ex-FC Barcelona captain Lionel Messi prefers to be treated like a normal person rather than the "alien" footballer he is.

In an interview with Argentine television channel TyC Sports, Di Maria spoke about his friendship with new Paris Saint-Germain recruit Messi, and opened up about the interesting nicknames they have for each other, among other things. 

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With the former Blaugrana talisman having made an unexpected switch to Paris in the latest transfer window, his new club teammate has revealed that the attacker is not fond of the special attention he gets for his talent. 

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"I always call him 'Titch'," Di Maria said during the interview. 

"Not at the start, but once we became friends I did. 

"He always calls me 'Noodle', and I think that will always be the case from now on. 

"He's just like one of the boys really, and that's how he likes it. 

"He doesn't like the headlines, that's why he gets on better with those that treat him the same as anyone else. 

"Because if you treat him like he is as a footballer – an alien – then you'll be outside his bubble, rather than doing things he likes, like eating together, having fun, and laughing."

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