VW GTI Roadster Gran Turismo


As it will be in the world of PS3 and GT6, this fanciful barchetta-style concept car isn’t exactly real, but these detailed sketches are more than enough to get fans of ‘stanced’ and ‘slammed’ veedubs hot under the collar, and they shroud some equally impressive technical details.

Set to debut at the annual Worthersee festival, Austria, Volkswagen has once again confirmed a 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged VR6 engine under the bonnet. With 370kW and 665Nm of torque the V6 engine is ably assisted by 4Motion all-wheel drive and a seven-speed dual-clutch DSG gearbox. While this isn’t the first time Volkswagen has trumpeted the return of a modern day VR6 engine (we’re referring to the Design Vision GTI Concept from the previous year’s Worthersee show) in this particular guise it produces 105Nm than before.

Styling wise, the prominent rear diffuser, wing and front splitter all look low-slung against the large diameter 20-inch wheels and healthy dosage of honeycombed grilles at the front and the back end. The concept sketches look great but the real news is Volkswagen’s further mentioning and development of the turbo VR6 engine – meaning it might very well make it into a production car before too long.

Manufacturers producing concept cars designed specifically for the GT6 gaming series is growing in popularity. Other recent studies include the BMW Vision GT6, Toyota FT-1, Honda and Lexus Vision GT6. We wonder who benefits more from the conceptual process? At this point we think it’s mutually beneficial to both.

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