Spied: LaFerrari XX


Our intrepid spies at RSR Nurburg snapped these telling spy pics of the hard core LaFerrari and rumour has it that it lapped the famous test track in a time as quick as 6 minutes and 35 seconds.

Despite Ferrari not having released an official Nurburgring lap time for ‘regular’ LaFerrari – if you could call it that – the Ferrari executive in charge of non-F1 track activity; Antonello Coletta, recently confirmed development had kicked-off on an ‘XX’ experimental version of LaFerrari.

A lap time around the Nordschleife below 7 minutes is seen as the Holy Grail for road-going production cars but don’t forget previous Ferrari XX models like the Enzo FXX and 599 XX weren’t regular production models, not road legal and not bound by what tyres they could run.

Spy images of LaFerrari XX reveal unpainted, bare carbonfibre bodywork and windows have been replaced with lightweight polycarbonate. With standard LaFerrari’s 6.3-litre V12 hybrid drivetrain already producing upwards of 700kW and 890Nm of torque, the XX model will clearly hone the handling of the car via aerodynamic downforce, slick tyres, track-orientated electronic stability controls and re-worked suspension.

LaFerrari is only being produced in limited numbers of around 499 cars and all cars are accounted for already. It’s likely the XX version will be ready for customer use early next year and we can’t wait to find out its official Nurburgring lap time. 

CLICK HERE to see a gallery of the LaFerrari XX