Mini’s retro Roadster concept


The BMW Group typically shows off a number of classic-inspired concepts at the classic car show held on the shores of Italy’s Lake Como, and this year was no different.

Designed in collaboration with coachbuilders Touring Superleggera, Mini’s Superleggera Vision concept is described as a ‘classic roadster’ with its compact two-seater configuration and minimalist design that combines an electric drivetrain for utterly modern performance and dynamics.

Classic sports car elements such as a wide track, a carbon fibre flat front splitter and high-polished aluminium accents also reference classic British roadsters.

Said to have taken much of its inspiration from authentic British styling, the Superleggera Vision shows an elegant design while the interior, finished in leather, aluminium and black chrome, shows some traditional coachwork mastery.

Furthermore, the concept shows a number of Mini design traditions in items such as its circular headlights and hexagonal grille. A highlight of the rear is the unusual design for the tail lights, designed in the form of a Union Jack that’s been divided into two, while smatterings of lightweight carbonfibre reinforced plastic are visible throughout.

Matching the exterior’s sleek finish, the interior design further celebrates traditional coachworks with its untreated aluminium sheeting for the dash, and tube-shaped elements. Cabin use remains thoroughly modern, though, with a touch-sensitive control panel and an integrated camera to capture moments on the road.

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