Ronaldo: I'm no Galactico

UEFA Champions League

Mere hours after the Portuguese superstar was hailed by Zinedine Zidane as a more significant player on the European stage than he himself was, Ronaldo drew attention to the fact that he doesn't overthink his game.

"I'm not a typical player who likes to look at videos because I think that things come naturally," the 32-year-old told La Sexta ahead of the Champions League final against Juventus.

"Obviously it's important to know one or two points but not to obsess. For example, in penalties, thinking about which side you shoot more towards: When you're there, a lot of things go through your head and it's one moment to decide. It's instinct. And that's why I don't really like to plan what I'm going to do."

When asked about what his approach would be if, indeed, he was called to take a spot-kick in tonight's much-anticipated fixture, Ronaldo was philosophical but remained confident.

"A penalty in the final? It's not fear. I like to take risks. It's a calculated risk, not life or death. I can score or miss. But I'm not going to miss. You have to think positively. That's the difference between good players, very good players and galacticos.

"I don't consider myself a galactico," the competition's all-time leading scorer added. "But I consider myself a player who has created history in Manchester, Madrid and with the national team."

The iconic player went on to praise Zidane for giving him free rein up front.

"Obviously what I want the most is to play more freely up front. That is the opportunity Zinedine Zidane has been giving me as a No. 9. I play freely. I play on the wing, down the middle. I play whenever I think I should. People think I'm a striker. I'm never going to be a striker. I've scored nearly 600 goals playing in the position I do.

"It depends on the tactics the coach uses. I like to play with more freedom; when we play 4-4-2 I like it more. But that's not to say I don't like to play in a 4-3-3 because I do other movements and take up different positions. Of course I like to play more freely because it's a position in which I also play for Portugal, but obviously I also like the 4-3-3."