Serie A suspended due to coronavirus

Serie A

Serie A has been suspended in the wake of a nationwide lockdown in Italy due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus.

According to CNN, Italy has reportedly recorded 9 172 cases of COVID-19 with 463 deaths in total, the most cases and deaths outside China.  

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As a consequence, measures have been taken to limit the spread of the deadly virus, with Italy’s top-flight being suspended until further notice by the nation’s prime minister Giuseppe Conte.

"There is no more time, the numbers tell us there is a significant increase in the contagion, in intensive care and the deaths," Conte said.

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"Our habits have to change, we must sacrifice something for the good of all of Italy. This is why we will adopt even more stringent measures."

The prime minister added: "We also have more stringent measures in mind for sporting events. Serie A and all sporting tournaments, in general, are suspended. All the fans must accept that.

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"I will sign the new decree, which can be summed up with the phrase ‘I am staying at home.’ There are no more red zones, there is just an Italy that is protected."