'Juventus must give Ronaldo a gift'

Serie A

Juventus manager Maurizio Sarri says his players must give Cristiano Ronaldo a 'gift' as he chases new milestones in his career.

The Portuguese superstar notched up 1000 career appearances in the 2-1 win over SPAL a couple weeks ago.

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"He is an active player, and so not much thinking is needed," Sarri told the club's website.

"This is a great achievement, but he must immediately chase after new goals. But we know Cristiano and we know that he will be like that. It is a cue for his team-mates to give him a gift."

The Italian champions will do battle against title rivals Inter Milan on Sunday night behind closed doors, but Juve sit two points behind leaders Lazio.

"It will be a beautiful match," he added.

"It is clear that Juventus-Inter is the most prestigious match in Serie A: for the history, and this year, for the standings.

"After two important transfer windows, I think Inter has become one of the favourites for the league title, like us. Therefore, it is important for the rankings.

"I hope it will be a beautiful game, and I hope we enjoy it. It will surely be a difficult game but also beautiful to play.

"Given their way of playing, a problem, for us, may be the size of the opponents. However, both teams have the characteristics that can put the opponent in danger. And so, it will be a difficult game for us, and one where preparation is needed. But, of course, it will also be difficult for our opponents."