'Ronaldo has replaced the coach'

Serie A

Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has overtaken the influence of Massimiliano Allegri, according to outspoken Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis.
De Laurentiis is known for his controversial statements and the Italian filmmaker was at it again when he remarked that Ronaldo, not Allegri, was the true coach of Juventus this season.
"Cristiano Ronaldo’s strong because he’s replaced his Coach with his presence. What’s [Allegri] had to do this season?” De Laurentiis said during an interview with Corriere dello Sport, as per Football Italia.
"The real motivator is Ronaldo, he’s the man of the dressing room. When I saw him play for his national team, I saw him sitting on the bench driving his team and shouting more than his Coach to make them win.”
When asked about a potential deal for the Portuguese phenom, the Italian movie mogul stated that he was always out of his means.
"I couldn’t afford him: my parents taught me that you have to always work within your means."