CR7: Why I'm better than Messi

Serie A

Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed why he should be considered the greatest footballer of all time - ahead of longstanding rival Lionel Messi.
The debate as to who is the better footballer out of Messi and Ronaldo often divides opionions of football fans around the world, but the five-time UEFA Champions League winner has offered a more difinitive answer within the debate.
Ronaldo won Europe's elite club comeptition with both Manchester United and Real Madrid and he feels these achievements ranks above the rest.
"The difference with me is that I've won the Champions League with different clubs," Ronaldo told DAZN. "I've been the top scorer in the Champions League six years in a row.
"Messi is an excellent player who will be remembered not only for the Ballon d'Or wins, but for always being at the highest level, year after year, like me."