'Ronaldo improves Serie A'

Serie A

Cristiano Ronaldo's presence in Italy improves the Serie A and other teams in the league, according to former Juventus star Andrea Pirlo.

The five-time Ballon d'Or  winner surprised many when he left Real Madrid to join the Old Lady before the start of the 2018/2019 season.

In his first season in the Italian top flight, Ronaldo registered 21 goals in 31 appearances as Juve went on to claim a seventh successive title.

Pirlo, who represented Juve, AC Milan and Inter Milan, believes it's important that Ronaldo remains in Italy for the good of the league.

When asked about Ronaldo's future, Pirlo told Daily Mail,"I don't know.

“He has two or three years on his contract with Juventus and after then it's possible that he comes to the USA or to another country.

“I was very happy to play here [in America]. It was an important experience for me, for my family.”

“I was surprised [when he joined] because it's very difficult to get Ronaldo to Juventus but it's important for Serie A.

“He improves the league, he improves the other teams. It's important for the country. We hope that Ronaldo is a trendsetter and more big names will follow him.”