'Ronaldo has done terribly at Juve'

Serie A

Former Italy international Antonio Cassano has not minced his words about Cristiano Ronaldo's time at Juventus.

Since joining from Real Madrid in 2018, Ronaldo has registered an impressive 90 goals and 21 assists in 117 appearances for the Turin-based outfit.

Cassano feels Ronaldo's time in Juventus has been a failure to due the club's disappointing showing in the UEFA Champions League over the past two seasons.

"Juventus signed him to win the Champions League, but they've done worse with him than they've done before," Cassano told Corriere dello.

"They'd also won the Scudetto [Serie A title] without him. I think he's been a failure.

"It's been a mistake [pitting Ronaldo and Pirlo together]. Juve have only been interested in winning for 120 years, but [Maurizio] Sarri and Pirlo tried to change their identity.

"They've tried to improve their style of play rather than win. Cristiano just doesn't work in the same way as Andrea.

"He'll keep scoring goals because he knows how to do that no matter what. He'll cut in from the left, get the ball on his right foot and fire it in.

"But Pirlo wants to build the play, pressure the opposition and play between the lines, and this means Cristiano doesn't participate much.

"I think Cristiano has done terribly over the last three years."

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