Drinkwater in brawl with SA footballer


England midfielder Danny Drinkwater was 'brutally' attacked by six 'thugs' after allegedly trying to chat up the girlfriend of South Africa international Kgosi Ntlhe.

Drinkwater, who is currently on loan at Burnley after an ill-fated stint at Chelsea, has seen his career hit an all-time low, which has been on a downward spiral since winning the Premier League with Leicester City.

Last week, Burnley and Chelsea claimed that the England international had been sidelined with an ankle injury, but according to The Sun, the player was involed in a nightclub brawl in Manchester. 
After becoming heavily intoxicated while celebrating the birthday of one of his friends, the England international is believed to have attempted to chat up Ntlhe’s girlfriend.
Despite being rejected by the girl, who repeatedly told him that she was there with her boyfriend, Drinkwater continued to persist with his attempts.
A source told the British publication that Drinkwater said: “I don’t care, mate, she’s coming home with me.”    
When the one-time capped Ntlhe intervened, a fight ensued between them resulting in them being kicked out of the club before 'six thugs' confronted the 2015/16 Premier League winner.
“At one point he was curled up in a ball on the ground, as they repeatedly jumped up and down on his ankle and shouting, ‘Break his legs'," the source revealed.
“They knew he was a Premier League star and it was his livelihood. There was blood everywhere, and it was all incredibly nasty."
There is no suggestion that Ntlhe was involved in the attack and police were not called to the incident, which was also not reported by Drinkwater.