'I sold my car because of petrol prices'


A former Arsenal star claims he bought the same car as club legend Thierry Henry but was forced to sell it due to the cost of petrol at the time.

Alex Song, who claims he left the Gunners for a shock transfer to FC Barcelona in order to 'become a millionaire' has opened up on a hilarious experience during his time in London.

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Clearly impressed by the luxurious supercar of then club captain, Henry, the former Cameroon international took the plunge to purchase the same vehicle.

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However, he quickly realised the investment wasn't quite suited to his pay-cheque at the time, as he opened up about having to sell in in a recent Instagram Live. 

"I would go to training and see Thierry Henry - the King turn up in an absolute gem of a car," Song revealed. "I told myself I wanted the same car at all costs.

"I went to the dealership, signed the papers & arranged to pay for it by standing order & just like that I had the same car as The King. But I swear that I had to hand the car back inside 2 months.

"All my money was going on filling it with petrol. I told them: Give me a Toyota - this car's too much for me."

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The veteran midfielder admits he realises how naive he was early in his career and wasn't able to save £100,000 (R2-million) during his six years at the Premier League outfit.

"When I next went to training Thierry asked me: Where's your car son? I told him it's on a higher level than me," Song admits. "Most footballers live beyond their means.

"I was at Arsenal for eight years but only began to earn a good living in the last four. That was because my salary went up a lot - but also because I came to realise what a waster I was.

"When I first joined them I was getting £15,000 a week. I was a young lad, and I was ecstatic. I wanted to rub shoulders with the big boys. I could shop wherever I wanted and have crazy nights out.

"During my entire time at Arsenal, I couldn't even save £100,000, while people thought I must be a millionaire."

Song is now a free agent after his contract with FC Sion in the Swiss Super League was terminated after rejecting a wage cut during the coronavirus pandemic.

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