Footballer sorry for public masturbation

Ligue 1

Ligue 1-based Algerian winger Farid El Melali has apologised after he was arrested for masturbating in public this week.

According to French media, the Angers winger was arrested on Monday night after he was seen masturbating in the courtyard of his complex while allegedly peaking at neighbour.

READ: Footballer arrested for public masturbation

After being released from custody, the Algerian released an apology on social media this week for his actions.

"These last few days have been very hard – mentally and physically," El Melali said on Instagram, as translated by ESPN FC.

"Coping with criticism and judgement is tough. I understand that those who received the information cannot tolerate such behavior.

"I want to apologise to my family, my friends and the fans of my dear club Angers, as well as my fellow Algerians.

"Everything that happened has affected me, but it has also made me stronger and more aware of the values and principles that I must uphold.

"Thank you to everybody who has stuck with me during this rough time."