'Real wanted me to cause war at Liverpool'


Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard has opened up how close he came to joining Spanish giants Real Madrid back in 2010.

The Reds played the majority of his professional career with the Reds, although they were some clubs who were interested in his services.

Chelsea famously went after Gerrard when Jose Mourinho took over back in 2005, but he has now revealed the Portuguese came back for him in 2010.

"I think if all the Chelsea stuff (in 2005) didn’t happen and Mourinho, when he came for me around 2010, maybe you look back and think 'imagine playing for Madrid for a year or two'," Gerrard said.

"Imagine going and playing for Mourinho in the Champions League – that would’ve been an unbelievable experience. Of course it would. But it didn’t happen. Basically, Madrid wanted me to cause a war at Liverpool to get out. That was the only way that could’ve happened."

"...I had a mad one as well after the Euros with Roy Hodgson. I think (Bastian) Schweinsteiger was coming to an end [of his time] at Bayern. We had some serious phone calls, and you think to yourself ‘Bayern Munich, how big are Bayern Munich? Imagine an experience going there.

"But then that filters away and you think ‘hang on a minute, I’m Liverpool captain – why change? You’re already at a huge club, why would you want to affect your relationship with Liverpool?'"