Real Madrid star hits out at LaLiga


Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has hit out at LaLiga for allowing matches to continue in heavy snow.

While Atletico Madrid's clash with Athletic Bilbao was postponed, Los Blancos were still made to travel to Pamplona to face Osasuna on Saturday.

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Real had to leave on Friday but their plane was grounded for three hours at the airport due to the snow.

Zinedine Zidane felt the encounter against Osasuna should have been postponed, as Courtois reveals the players can't return home in the snowy conditions.

“We’ve been able to play, but from La Liga it’s a bit regrettable what they’ve done to us, to Rayo Vallecano and other teams,” Courtois said, as per Diario Sport.

“I think it was known for a long time that the storm was going to happen, and [the problem] is not just not being able to play, but that yesterday we had to take off with the runway half-frozen, today we can’t return home and we have to go directly to Malaga.

"La Liga has to realise that we’re human and that we’re not a show that always has to play.”