Messi: I don't like being called that


FC Barcelona and Argentina star Lionel Messi admits he doesn't like being referred to as a 'god' of football.

For many years now, Messi grown to become one of the greatest footballers the world has ever seen following the tremendous amount goals and trophies his bagged during his time with Barcelona.

There have been some supporters who have dubbed the Argentine as a 'god' of football, but the player himself does not like the name as it could lead to his kids calling that.

"I'm not worried by it, but it's true that I don't like it," Messi told RAC1. "It's nice to be praised because people are being respectful.

"They don't say it with any ill intent, but actually, with the complete opposite. But I think it's very exaggerated to call me that.

"Because of my sons, the age they have, they hear things and they copy them. My son, Mateo, calls me 'Leo Messi', (he'll say,) 'let's go Leo Messi!"