'Messi can't be called the GOAT'


FC Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi can't be considered as the greatest footballer of all-time, according to former Spain head coach Jose Antonio Camacho.

Messi, 32, is often lauded as greatest player to have graced football with his mesmeric dribbiling, defence splitting passes and goal-scoring record that only Cristiano Ronaldo could match over the past decade.

The Argentina captain has won 34 major titles, while lifting the ballon d'Or five times within his iconic career thus far, but Camacho insists it's not enough to be considered the 'GOAT'.

"He's a very good player, but you can't be the best in the world, let alone in history, if you are Argentinian and you don't win a World Cup," he told ABC.
"There are countries with less tradition where not winning the World Cup is less significant, but Argentina is a dominant force.
"No, without a World Cup, Messi can't be the best. A World Cup is the best you can aspire to and Argentinians will always demand it."


Despite his views on Messi, the former Real Madrid manager concedes the diminutive forward is probably the greatest player of the modern generation.
"He can decide a game at any time. There can be total balance between two teams but he is Lionel Messi and he can break that balance suddenly.
"On top of that, he'd make me look like a good coach.”