'Messi has to suck it up for now'


Former Real Madrid star Hugo Sanchez claims Lionel Messi had no choice but to stay at the club due to the 'bad assessment of his father and his lawyers.'

The Argentine announced on Friday that he will be staying with the Catalan giants for the upcoming season after deciding not to head to court.
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While supporters will certainly be happy with the news, Sanchez feels damaged his image with the transfer request.

"Messi has had no choice but to stay at Barcelona due to the bad assessment of his father and his lawyers," Sanchez told ESPN, as per Marca.

"They could've saved that burofax that damaged his image within the club.

"The burofax only caused him a headache because there was no team that was going to pay the 700 million euro release clause.

"He could have avoided that release clause fee by sending his decision to leave on time and then leaving Barcelona without paying a single euro.

"Now he's got no choice but to suck it up for a year, for 10 or 11 months.

"The necessary time until he can leave for free."

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