Alves urges Messi not to leave


Former FC Barcelona star Dani Alves has warned Lionel Messi not to leave the Camp Nou as he may regret his decision like many players who have left.

The Argentine's contract with Barcelona expires at the end of the season, but he will only make a decision on his future once the campaign has concluded.

Alves, who enjoyed a lot of success at the Camp Nou, says Messi convinced him to stay and he now wants the his former teammate to remember their conversation.

“I have said to Messi several times: he was born to be a Barcelona player and Barcelona were born to be his club,” Alves told the Guardian.

“He has given me advice before so I can do the same to him. Once he told me to stay in Barcelona because there wasn’t any place that was better. ‘Where will you be happier?’ he asked me. So I stayed.

“Now I have reminded him of that conversation and that a good friend (him) advised me that Barcelona is the best place ever. I haven’t had an answer from him yet but when you leave Barcelona you realise how good it is. All the players, and I mean everyone, who has left Barcelona have been sorry. All of them regret leaving, irrespective of the reason.

“When I left the club, I just wanted to show my value to get back. But, unfortunately, the same people who were against me when I was at the club stayed there. I showed that I was able to play for Barcelona for another 10 years. I tried to go back to Barcelona. I wanted to go back to Barcelona. I played to go back to Barcelona, but they didn’t want me anymore.”

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