Another Barca star fires at Abidal


FC Barcelona star Jordi Alba has thrown his support behind Lionel Messi's remarks about the club's sporting director, Eric Abidal.

Abidal recently criticised the Barcelona players for not working harder under the previous manager, Ernesto Valverde, who was sacked last month.

Messi responded on Instagram and felt Abidal should have mentioned names, rather then just genralise about the whole squad.

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"When you talk about players, you have to give names because if not, it gives air to things which are not true," the 32-year-old hit back via Instagram.

"Sincerely, I don't like to do these things but I think that people have to be responsible for their jobs and own their decisions.

"The players (are responsible) for what happens on the pitch and we are the first to admit when we haven't been good. The heads of the sports department have to take their responsibilities too and, above all, own the decisions they make."

Alba, who has been with Barcelona since 2012, felt Abidal should know what Barcelona players feel, having played their for a number of years.

"This club gets enough hate thrown at it from the outside so we shouldn't be doing that to ourselves," Alba was quoted as saying by El Mundo Deportivo.

"Abidal was a player here, he is loved by the fans, and that's why he should know what it's like inside the dressing room and how players feel..."