Jordaan on 'impimpi' allegations


SAFA president Danny Jordaan has responded to claims he is an "impimpi" (informant) after being appointed as the third deputy president of CAF.

Jordaan was officially instated into his role as Caf's third deputy president after African football's governing body held its general assembly last week Thursday.

Despite his new appointment, Jordaan was accused of being an informant, with reports claiming the 67-year-old utilised information to elevate his status in the Caf hierarchy.

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It has been claimed that the man Jordaan replaced, Amaju Pinnick, had devised a plan to dethrone Ahmad Ahmad from his position as CAF president, which reportedly resulted in Jordaan informing Ahmad of Pinnick's plan, which, in turn, is believed to have aided Jordaan in his promotion to the third deputy president position.

Jordaan has now rubbished the allegations directed at him, categorically claiming them to be false.

"That is disgusting. Disgusting!" he said, as per IOL.

"I told them, you must never say that. I come from a liberation movement. One of the things that isn't allowed in a liberation movement is informers, which we call 'impimpi' in South Africa. It is despicable, disgusting, and it is a denial of my merits.

"Tell me that I don't have the merit. I am the only one on the African continent who has actually organised a World Cup, which was voted the best World Cup ever at the time. Why must I do it now?

"I have contested many positions that I didn't win. Why didn't I go to Issa [Hayatou] then or Ahmad earlier to tell them stories? No! It's not me.

"This comes from people who are obsessed [with power] and started leaking those stories.

"I did go to the journalists who ran those stories. I told them, 'you don't know what it means to be an informer, an impimpi'. I know.

"I come from the Eastern Cape where, if you are labelled an informer, that's the end of you. You get killed. From my own experience, it's too disgusting to even contemplate responding to these things.

"So, no [I didn't do that]. I serve because I believe that I can make a contribution. Somebody must stand up and tell me, 'you don’t have the competency and therefore you mustn’t run for this position'."