Fifa clamps down on racism

In a bid to eradicate racism from the game, world football governing body Fifa has implemented harsher punishments for incidents of racism.

Fifa are in the process of redrafting their disciplinary code, which will come into effect next week.

As part of the process, more stringent punishment against discriminatory behaviour and racism has been prioritised by Fifa, which will see a number of amendments being made to the existing disciplinary code.

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One of the new laws will allow players to make victim testimonies at disciplinary hearings, which will be heard in person by Fifa judging panels.

"Topics like racism and discrimination have been updated, putting Fifa at the forefront of the fight against this appalling attack on the fundamental human rights of individuals," a statement released by Fifa read, as per The Washington Post.

"Fifa's Disciplinary Committee may permit the victim to make a statement, allowing the latter to participate in the proceedings. Fifa will not let down victims of racist abuse.

"For a first offence, playing a match with a limited number of spectators and a fine of at least 20 000 Swiss francs ($20 000) shall be imposed on the association or club concerned.

"For the first time, certain types of disciplinary hearings - concerning doping and match-manipulation cases - will be open to the public if the parties request it."