UEFA aiming to fix VAR 'offside' problem

English Premier League

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin says that Europe's football body will update the current offside VAR law to encourage more goals.

In the Premier League this season a total of 85 goals to date have been overturned due to marginal VAR rulings, with offside calls being a hot topic within England’s top-flight.

The president of UEFA confirmed thicker lines will be introduced to allow for more goals and less frustration among managers, players and fans.

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"So, thicker [offside] lines are essential because the line is drawn subjectively," the UEFA president told Sky Sports.

"So, it's not exact and if one centimetre… you ruin the season of a club with one wrong decision. One centimetre offside is not offside," Ceferin added.

The 52-year-old also spoke about the handball debate, which has also been heavily criticised this season.

"And, for me, the handball is also problematic, but I don't know what exactly to do about it. We are discussing a lot with our referee officers."

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The Premier League will open discussions around the use of Video Assistant Referees with Premier League clubs in April.