Gerrard names ultimate XI with a twist

English Premier League

Liverpool legend Steve Gerrard has named two African stars and Lionel Messi in his best-ever ultimate XI, although there was a twist.

The former Reds star had to pick his ultimate xi without using any two players from the same club or country.

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For example, if he had selected Cristiano Ronaldo, he would be able to select another player from Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus or Portugal.

Despite the tricky rules, there is not one English player in the side while Gerrard only selected one Liverpool in the line-up.

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“It took me more than a couple of hours, I was stewing on this for a couple of nights," Gerrard told the Football Show, according to the Sun.

“I felt like I had a team and I was happy with it, I had Zidane in it, I had [Roberto] Carlos, Baresi in it. Then you get a text of Carra saying, ‘No, no, no that’s wrong - they played together’.

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“It’s actually more challenging than what you think.

“But we got there in the end and I’m really pleased with the team I picked.”