'Offside could be removed from VAR'

English Premier League

Despite a festive football feast during the Christmas period in the Premier League, VAR has once again come under the microscope particularly for offside rulings.

When Video Assistant Referee technology was introduced to help lessen controversy on the field, it has increased the level of confusion among on-field officials, players, managers and fans.

Three potential goals, Max Mayer (Crystal Palace), Lys Mousett (Sheffield United) and Pedro Neto (Wolves), were all ruled out due to marginal calls during the frantic festive period of fixtures.

And former Premier League referee, Mark Clattenburg, has been unimpressed with the implementation of the technology.

"I believe it could be time to remove offside decisions from the VAR process," Clattenburg said as per the Daily Mail.

"The excitement and spirit of the game is in danger of being damaged by the precise nature of the VAR technology when it comes to offside."

The 2016 UEFA Champions League final referee does, however, believe that VAR has its benefits, citing an incident with Liverpool.

"Referee Anthony Taylor has guessed that Adam Lallana handled the ball before Sadio Mane scored.

"But (VAR) replays clearly showed the midfielder using his shoulder and the on-field decision was correctly overturned."

Manchester City left-back, Aleksander Zinchenko, shared his views on VAR, as one who experiences these calls first-hand.

"Everyone is different. My opinion is that we have to accept it [VAR], that's it, and play our game," the Ukraine international told the Manchester Evening News.

"What can we do? If I was to say 'I don’t like VAR', nothing will change. You just have to accept it, keep your mouth closed and play."