'Man Utd players are like babies'

English Premier League

A Manchester United legend has ripped into the club's current team, insisting that they are like "babies" after their "appalling" performance over the weekend.  

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side has one win in their past five matches across all competitions as their stuttering form continues, and the pressure is seemingly only set to increase with reports claiming that one of the players is upset with the manager following their latest defeat. 

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Ex-United fullback Gary Neville, who won multiple trophies under the tutelage of Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford, has now also criticised the squad and management at his former club.    

On Sky Sports' Monday Night Football, Neville went on a lengthy rant as he shared his feelings about the Red Devils' display in their 4-2 loss to Leicester City on Saturday.  

"United were appalling all the way through," the 46-year-old said, per Daily Mail 

"In the second half there was a massive, massive change – Leicester looked like they could score with every single attack.

"United are just baggy, there's space everywhere and they're a pretty awful team to watch when they're baggy. They must think they're better than they are. You end up with two teams: the front five, the egos, the great players, and the back five. 

"You've got individual errors, but also a disconnected team. This United team are also really poor in reacting to goals. They're like babies. If they score, they puff their chests out. Really basic errors. 

"This United team, they haven't got a style or identity, only brilliant players. The players broke rank, it's bad and they need to correct that pretty quickly because they'll lose a lot of games playing like that. 

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"I don't believe this is a [Paul] Pogba problem. I saw attackers flailing around at teammates they don't like, and that has to stop. What Ole has to somehow prove is that he can get top players to work hard. United's forward players are not organised, they need to put a shift in.

"City and Liverpool's players work like dogs, and they're the best players in the world. Why is it that we accept United's players won't work as hard as them? Ole has to get the best out of them. If he doesn't, he's going to have a massive problem at the end of the season. 

"I thought, last season, there was something building. They've got six grenades where the pins have been pulled out in the dressing room. You've got massive characters and all the issues developing with the dynamics in the new squad. Ole has to solve this week. United could beat Liverpool but they have to get that spirit right. 

"Ole should be under massive pressure but the club are not going to change him. I'm not going to come on the show and call for a manager to be sacked." 

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