Mou reveals the 'truth' on Pogba rift

Pogba came out in the in the post-match inteview after captaining the side to a 2-1 victory over Leicester in their Premier League opener last week, hinting his unhappiness at Old Trafford.

While Mourinho refused to comment on the situation, former players have urged the Portuguese tactician allow the Frenchmen to leave, bearing his current antics.

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But Mourinho has denied suggestions of a fallout with the 2018 World Cup winner.

"The truth is we are together for two years and a couple of weeks, I've never been so happy with him as I am now," he said ahead of the Brighton fixture.

"I cannot demand more from him, I cannot ask more from him. He came here on a Monday, he trained three days, I asked for his support, contribution in a match where we had difficulties.

"He did it, did it better and for more time than we could expect.

"When he says he did it for the fans and for the team it's exactly what I want."

When prompted to clarify what the former Juventus midfielder insinuated by his controversial comments, Mourinho stated the press should ask him the questions.

"I didn't ask him, I'm not going to ask him," he said. "I want him to work the way he's doing, for me that's the only thing that matters.

"I have to say in his defence, write what you want about him, about me, but please don't say lies.

"Please don't put him in a situation where people can think he's not a polite, educated guy, which he is.

"He never had a fight with me, we never had a hard change of words, everything is respected. I have no problems at all."