Mourinho fires back at Rose

English Premier League

Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho has respond Danny Rose, who claimed he was not given a fair chance since the Portuguese's arrival.

After securing a loan switch to Newcastle United, Rose revealed recently that he felt he wasn't given a fair chance after Mourinho took over from Mauricio Pochettino.

There were also reports of a training ground fall-out before the clash Watford last month, but Mourinho insists he gave the English full-back a chance.

“The time he [Davies] was out was a great opportunity for others to play,” Mourinho said, as per Daily Mail.

“For Tanganga it was, in the end, the opportunity of a lifetime, he has already played six or seven full matches with the first team.

“For Ryan [Sessegnon] it was the acceleration of a process. He has played more matches than normally he would do.

“Even for Danny Rose it was a great opportunity to play three very important matches. He played against Liverpool, he played against Olympiacos, probably the two more important matches we had to play, and against Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

“So even for Danny Rose it was a great opportunity to play three matches and show me what he’s capable of doing.”