Solano arrested for breaking lockdown

English Premier League

Premier League legend Nolberto Solano was arrested in his native Peru for breaking the country's coronavirus lockdown to go to a party.

Solano, 45, was the first player from Peru to play in the English top-flight when he joined Newcastle United in 1998 where he forged an iconic status.

Television channel RPP reported that former winger, senior national team backroom staff was detained by authorities on Thursday evening in the capital city, Lima.

"He was taken to the La Molina police station for having not respected the mandatory window to stay at home, but he was later released," said RPP.

"What I did was not good, but don't make me out to be everything that's bad in the country. I was in a house that's not my house, I see a lot of other people doing it," Solano told RPP.

"I understand everything that is being said about protection. I think you're making a bigger deal out of this situation than what it is."

According to AFP, a reported 18,000 people have been arrested for breaking home isolation rules in the country that has reported 580 coronavirus cases and nine deaths.

Interior Minister Carlos Moran has said the government is compiling a register of those to break the rules and that offenders could face up to three years in prison.