Ex-Man Utd star stunned by Ronaldo

English Premier League

A Manchester United legend has revealed he was stunned after seeing how Cristiano Ronaldo lives.  

One of Ronaldo’s former teammates, Rio Ferdinand, recently spoke about the five-time Ballon d’Or winner’s commitment to fitness in an interview on William Hill's YouTube channel, alongside famous boxer Anthony Joshua.  

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When the former England international was asked about his experiences with Ronaldo, he admitted to being taken aback by how his ex-colleague looked after himself away from the pitch. 

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"He became obsessed with the sport that he chose and then drilled down into details which was building a team around himself," Ferdinand said, according to the Daily Mirror

"I went round his house one time and I walked in and he had about six/seven people siting in his front room. I said to him, 'Cris, who are all these people, man?' 

"He was like, 'That's my personal masseur, my nutritionist, my doctor, my physio, my chef.' 

"He had all these people and back then no one was doing that. He was a visionary in that sense. 

"He's just looking for every little detail that's going to enable him to improve. 

"He'll send me a picture and he's doing deep water recovery sessions in the sea. He's driven two hours to get there when he was in Turin with Juventus. 

"Other people are at home or out at dinner. He's just looking for that extra edge." 

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