Reader’s View: European calendar cost VV

CAF Confederation Cup

Vladimir Vermezovic has resigned, much to the joy of result-orientated supporters who care little about strategic and tactical application of the team. 

Chiefs being run-away leaders meant every loss of a point for rivals Orlando Pirates was doubly magnified.

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This magnification meant we lost logic of the amendments that were taking shape under VV’s guidance to the betterment of the team.

However, if one was to cast eyes on the pattern of the happenings at Pirates, it would not be folly to realise that The Mighty Amakhosi and Bafana ba Style were once upon a time the same victims. 

In 2000, Sundowns reached the final of African Champions League (ACL).  They had been champions three times in a row. At the end of that sweet ACL run, Sundowns could not even cut it into the Top 8.

In 2001, Chiefs swept boards in what was termed Teka Hinkwaso, Operation ‘FAT ALICE’, hahaha. The very same season, they failed to make the useless but revered Top 8.  

A year on later, Doctor Khumalo and Putco Mafani delivered a message to Mushin Etrugal … ‘we cannot guarantee your safety’.

In 2006 Bucs made ACL semis, but their domestic form continued to suffer. The following season saw them making the Top 8 by the skin of their teeth. 

Black Leopards made SA proud in Confed Cup in 2012. But with little financial muscle, unlike the three teams mentioned, Leopards suffered relegation.

Seasons 2013/14 and 2014/15 saw Pirates supporters living a misery. In February 2014, Roger de Sa was pelted with missiles. He ‘resigned’ a week later.  December 2014, his surprise replacement suffered the same fate, delivering his ‘resignation’ in matter of hours.

Throughout these ordeals, the PSL is stubborn and deaf to pleas to amend their August to May season. Indefatigable players are becoming injury-prone. The domestic league is littered with money-spinning but irrelevant cup competitions. The FIFA & CAF calendars remain unrelenting, yet going back to how things were pre-PSL, we could debilitate the load our teams suffer. 

The heavy workload, coupled with stop-starts of our league, means ‘Top Coaches’ cannot implement and apply their tactics. 

Supporters will continue to blame the coaches, who are the easiest of targets. The suited ones will keep on changing the coaches, while changing the calendar should be top of the agenda.

I will not blame Chiefs if they follow their last season approach to ACL.  True top SA teams must roll with the punches, but two losses in a row, we SA diski lovers soon forget the ‘patriotism calls’ we urged our chairmen to heed.

Come 2015, if Bucs are successful in the Confed Cup, we will be calling for VV’s replacement’s head. Only Africanised calendar in Africa for a league in Africa may half the current problems.