FTF slam CAF after CL controversy

Esperance suffered a 3-1 defeat to Al Ahly ahead of the return-leg which will take place on Friday, November 9 at Stade Olympique de Radès.

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In a controversial match, VAR (Video Assistant Referee) played a significant role with three penalties awarded - two converted by Al Ahly and one by Esperance.

It was the first time the technology was used in an African Champions League final.

In reference to the officials, the statement from FTF said: "The federation denounces the referee’s poor performance after he committed huge mistakes that had an effect on the game’s result. Therefore, the federation is calling for immediate decisions to be taken against the referee."

Additionally, they asked CAF to review the actions of Al Ahly forward Walid Azaro, who won his side two penalties and to prevent him from playing in the return leg after he committed violent actions against a player from Esperance and for tearing his shirt, as per KingFut report.

"We are not pleased with what happened with Esperance's bus as it was stopped for more than 15 minutes and we addressed the Tunisian Foreign Ministry about what happened," the statement concluded.

Moain Chaabani, Esperance's head coach, echoed the sentiments of the Federation in regards to the events that unfolded at the Borg el Arab Stadium.

"I have never seen anything like this," Chaabani told Tunisian Media. "We were taken to a different door, surrounded by Al Ahly fans. Police boarded our bus, searched our bags and the players.

"This has never happened before. I do not recall a team coming to Tunisia and getting searched by the police.

"This is the Caf Champions League final," said Chaabani who also claimed that their bus was "held for 25 minutes and every minute is crucial for us.

"Players didn't have time to massage or properly warm up for the game."