Mou will be watching me - Scholes

Scholes, 44, who left his punditry role and signed an 18-month contract with Oldham on Monday was one of Mourinho's harshest critics during his tenure at Old Trafford.

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And now after taking his first management opportunity with his boyhood club in the fourth tier of English football, the United icon is aware his every move will be open to major scrutiny from the 'Special One'.

"I think he will be watching results," he said at his unveiling, as quoted by Sky Sports. "Whether he will be watching the games I am not too sure.

"That is part of the thing that bugged me a little bit. I wanted to get into it [management] anyway but I have left myself wide open. I have been quite critical. I don't think we will get many pundits watching - [although] if we are losing games I am sure people will be popping up – can say what they want.

"I have never really understood why players and managers take notice of what pundits say anyway. They are just giving an opinion on the game and get paid for doing so.

"If anyone wants to have a dig at me, I won't be taking any notice. The only person I answer to is the owner."