Mathe disappointed with Dikwena

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Mathe was only told his services are no longer needed on Tuesday last week when he reported back for training after having travelled on club duty to Algeria for a CAF Confederation Cup group match against MC Alger on June 30.

“I didn’t believe that they [Stars] would offload me like this. I thought there could have been a bit more professionalism employed in this,” laments Mathe in a chat with

His third stint with Dikwena stretched almost seven years and in his last season he played 90 minutes in 28 games across all competitions.

“The reality is that I have always known that I will not be staying there forever but felt that they would find the decency to inform me in advance that my services will not be needed going forward. After so many years with the club to be then told that my services are no longer needed in the way they did was sad. Disappointing.

“I had asked the club a while back about my contract well before the season ended and they said we will talk, which I understood because the club was not in a good position on the standings. So I never pushed and instead chose to fight for the cause of the team with the confidence of that I will stay at least another year considering the performance that I was putting in for the club, which I thought was good,” he details.

Yet how did it eventually end on such a sour note?

“Remember the club was playing in the CAF Confederation Cup and we had a game in Algeria on June 30, it was a Friday. I was in the team that travelled and we came back on Sunday and then on the Tuesday when the new coach was introduced I was called into the office and told I was no longer needed. I was actually on my way out of the podium to training when the security informed that I was wanted in the office. That then became the end after I was told I am no longer needed. In previous years we were given letters in advance informing us about the renewal or non-renewal of contracts.

“Maybe this time since we were also playing in CAF through June they felt I would not give my best in those games if they had told me in advance about the non-renewal of my contract. I don’t know. However, being the professional that I am I would have still played to the best of my abilities all the same. Sad parting of ways,” adds Mathe.

Though he is already past his 37th birthday ‘Solly’ maintains that he will be continuing with his playing career.

“I actually thought that I would stop playing at 35 but I still feel fresh to still play on so I will continue. All that I need now is just a new team to play for.”