Masutha: I won't stay without a job

'Moporofita', as the former goalkeeper is known in local football, arrived at The Chilli Boys in December on an interim basis after the consecutive sackings of Dan Malesela and Bafana Bafana legend Eric Tinkler.

However, three defeats and two draws later Masutha has also been shown the door, paving the way for former Golden Arrows mentor Clinton Larsen to take over the reins at the relegation-threatened outfit.

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"Ja, we spoke, agreed to part ways. So we just have to do the paperwork and then everything will be finalised," Masutha tells this website.

Asked if he was not persuaded by the club to stay on and become an assistant coach to the incoming head coach, he says: "No, I don't want that one [being an assistant coach]. But what you must know is I won't stay without a job, I will be in football. Very soon I will be having a job. I might be in a dugout soon. Very, very soon I'll be back into coaching.

"If there are things happening on the side of which you are not aware of. If maybe I knew something ... I have got nothing against the other coaches you see, but sometimes when you work and then things are not going well for you, then they bring another coach. Then when things are not going well, you know what they will say? It's like I'm sabotaging the coach you see. So that's why I'm saying no.

"Like I said, people believe in different things and ja, like I'm telling you, if things are not going well you will become a scapegoat. So I don't want to be a scapegoat because obviously I'm close to the players angithi [right]? And most coaches, they feel threatened if they come and find someone who is close to the players. They feel like maybe we sabotage them or something like that. So that's why I'm saying no.

"I feel and I would like whichever coach comes in, to bring his own technical team. Ja, people that he would trust because a lot is at stake you see. A [club's] status I think is around R100 million, so you can't gamble you know by putting people maybe who don't believe in the same thing. Who don't have like that close relationship you see," concludes Masutha, who was also fired by Black Leopards in November having overseen the club's promotion to the Absa Premiership.