Worst Foreign Striker – Ibrahim Some Salombo (No. 17)

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17 - Ibrahim Some Salombo (Ajax Cape Town) 

Salombo arrived at Ajax at the age of 17, and just didn’t settle down. The Congolese striker registered two starts plus six substitute appearances and was released at the end of the season after failing to score a single goal.

The lanky forward joined the Urban Warriors at the beginning of 2005-06 as the club sourced numerous players from his homeland, including Dikilu Bageta, Cyrille Mubiala, Kanku Mulekelayi and Tshinyama Tsholola.

He was aggressive but not technically gifted and couldn’t fit into the structure of play at Ajax. Maybe he was still too young and Ajax should have been more patient with him.

Salombo has gone on to play for 11 clubs in Belgium, Serbia and Luxembourg since leaving Ajax. The 26-year-old is currently playing lower league football in Belgium.