Letsoaka explains BFA director role

Letsoaka, a former South African Football Association technical director, says he turned down two offers to take up a job on foreign land. As the Botswana Football Association’s technical director, Letsoaka will have a lot on his plate.

He has signed a three-year contract with the BFA.

“It’s the development of football in the country and that development starts at the age of six until the age of 18. That is why I am in charge of all the junior national team coaches,” Letsoaka tells KickOff.com.

“There’s also youth football and your youth football is divided into elite football and non-elite football. In elite football you are dealing with players who are in academies, in centres of excellence. These are exceptional players with a lot of talent.”

He continues: “The technical director also have to come up with a curriculum. It has to be drawn so that when a child starts kicking a ball, from age six to 18, the curriculum is like a syllabus that must be followed by the coaches.“

Letsoaka is also tasked to develop more coaches in Botswana.

“The other area I need to be in charge of is that of coach education. I need to make sure I produce as many coaches in the country, so that we can make sure clubs have an obligation to hire only qualified coaches. You won’t have a situation where you don’t have qualified coaches. Our courses in the country have to be aligned with those of CAF and FIFA.

“Women’s football is another area where one has to focus on. We also need to make sure that there’s enough referees. Not just enough, but quality referees. So the scope is quite wide, so this is what I will be doing.”