Ngcongca off to France

In a one-on-one interview with this website, the 27-year-old right-back talks about his time in Belgium, the potential move to France and the upcoming African Nations Cup qualifier against Mauritania.

Anele, a lot has been said about your problems at Genk since the beginning of the season. But first, tell us about your potential move to France?

Anele Ngcongca: Yes, I can confirm that I have received an offer from Troyes in France. Today I will be travelling to France with one of Mike Makaab’s partners. But first, before I can accept the offer, I first need to visit the place and look at other things. But if things go well I will sign and you will be the first to know.

Are you excited about the possibilities of playing in France after spending nine years Belgium?

AN: I look at this as a great opportunity and I’m happy that I have been presented with an opportunity to move to another great League. I’m always happy when I’m playing on a regular basis and this season that hasn’t happened.

Did you get any PSL offers?

AN: I’m not really sure because it was Makaab who was handling all the offers. He didn’t mention anything about that though.

How did things turn bad for you in Belgium because a lot was reported about your problems?

AN: The club now has a new coach [Peter Maes] and two new directors. Things started to change during a training session. I was kicked on my ankle and had to be attended by a physio. The coach told me to get up and I told him I can’t because I was injured. Our coach is someone who shouts a lot, he was given the job because he is very strict and someone who demands discipline. He doesn’t like someone who makes mistakes. After the session I told him I can’t play in our following match because of my ankle and that is when it was reported that I went AWOL. How can I go AWOL when my place is 20 minutes from the training ground? After that I was called into a meeting and I was fined R50 000 and I left the meeting immediately. The next time the coach saw me, he asked what happened and I told him I was upset because he didn’t give me the respect I deserved. But anyway, life goes on.

What are you going to miss about Belgium if the move happens?

AN: I’m really sad that I could be leaving Belgium and Genk after such a wonderful time here. Belgium is my second home and I will miss my friends and all the families that were good to me. But what can we do, this is life and we have to move on.

Next week you will be in the Bafana Bafana camp. How do you feel about the match against Mauritania?

AN: It’s always exciting going to the national team. We have a tough match against Mauritania because we don’t know about them and we also drew our first match. No, we need to win away from home – I’m also looking forward to meet the guys.