Thobejane, Baroka await PSL verdict

Thobejane, who coined the now-famous "football will kill you" phrase, is accusing Bakgaga of breaching their contract when they dismissed him in March last year, and now demands a settlement from the Limpopo side.

Thobejane, who was dismissed for allegedly drinking on the job, says another sitting took place at the Premier Soccer League offices last month, where Baroka were represented by Morgan Mammila – their CEO at the time of his firing.

"At the moment A ke beregi [I'm not working]. I'm keeping myself busy here in Mabopane, getting rid of boredom," Thobejane tells

"We are waiting for a PSL ruling. The ruling will be out within 20 days, we were last there on the 19th of February, the proceedings were there, what is left now is their ruling to determine if the way I left Baroka was fair or unfair.

"They are still going to make their decision if it was fair or unfair. Morgan Mammila from Chippa [United] also came, we are waiting to hear if it was fair dismissal or unfair. He was defending himself saying it was fair, but yona Aowa Ka mo le Ka mo [in whichever way you look at it] it's unfair. But it doesn't mean if the verdict says unfair I will have to work with them again."

Asked for comment on the matter, Mammila said: "No, remember when Kgoloko was fired I was the CEO, I was running the team. I'm the initiator of the DC, so I had to go and give evidence. I think they are waiting for the verdict."