Tinkler: We didn't play our game

The Team of Choice fought until the last minute as they fight for survival, and Pirates defended valiantly against them.

REPORT: Pirates and Maritzburg draw

Tinkler gave credit to the relegation battlers.

“They are a team that I feel has actually performed very well since the turn of the year, they’ve just been slightly unlucky with some of the results,” he told SuperSport.

“They’re not an easy team to break down and beat. They came out here and made a game of it and made it extremely difficult.

“First half we had one or two chances but we couldn’t string two or three passes together in the first half and our full-backs in this game should have had a lot of time and space out wide but we weren’t utilising that.

“Also we weren’t putting the ball in the box enough times, we were getting into the wide areas but then not looking to put the ball in the box, we were looking for another pass and making things very difficult for ourselves.

“Second half we created one or two chances, Gabuza should have done a lot better with a chance that he put over the crossbar and then Gift had one very late in the game but they had their chances.

“Possible penalty for them, possible penalty for us, but I don’t want to go into detail about that.

“We matched them for effort tonight but we didn’t play our game, and we need to play our game because that’s what makes us strong.”