Sono blasts defender Lingwati


Lingwati will find himself watching Ezenkosi's next game from the stands if 'Bra J''s words are anything to go by.

"I think it was a good game and we should have at least got a draw [against Sundowns]," said a fuming Sono.

"But what do you do when you have an amateur defender who dives all over the show for the second goal and last week he did the same thing and this week same player does the same thing.

"Not that I'm having a go at him but it's killing the morale of the team, I mean your the last man why dive in? I can't keep on saying he's learning, there's no time for learning, we're in the Premier League now."

Cosmos were chasing the game after Keagan Dolly gave Downs the lead in the first half. Anthony Laffor turned Lingwati to play in Dolly for his second of the match to seal all three points for Sundowns in referee's optional time, and Sono was left unimpressed.

"I'm not happy with a defender, Thato I mean you can't be doing silly things, Under-7 things, this is a professional game. He nearly cost the first one [goal] but he was lucky the referee blew for a foul.

"It was the same thing against Bloemfontein Celtic and he did it again today. You can't dive at Anthony [Laffor], I mean it's one against one at the back, why dive? Just hold him or foul him. We tell him everyday but because he's big and strong, he thinks he's superman and will superfly over everyone. I mean the second goal took the steam out of us because we were coming at them and they scored a silly goal which killed us."

He added: "You can't keep playing this defender [Lingwati] every weekend because we don't know what he will do next. It's two weeks now in succession so he has to go to the grand stand. Let him rest, there's no morale killing here. He killing my morale, so why must I keep his morale high? I can't keep his morale high after two successive mistakes. We worked on it the whole week to say if your the last man, don't dive but hold. It you're the last man don't let the ball bounce in front of you because once it bounces, you're in trouble because you have to turn.

"This is the same player when we played against Leopards he kicked a player outside the pitch, he got a red card and we lost so we have to rest him to get his mind right and I've never done this before. I speak to him every week, I speak to him like a father. I say, 'Son don't allow it [ball] to bounce, but the problem is that he's strong and wants to do well and believes in his physique but you can't go against some of these [PSL] players. Last week it was against [Geofrey] Massa who is highly experienced and this week it was against Anthony. You can't do those things. It's either you tackle hard then it's a foul and it's a deadball and we start afresh but we can't be saying every weekend sorry son sorry."