SA clubs in hot water with FIFA


Namibian international Jakob, a midfielder by trade, and was released by AmaZulu prior to the 2014/15 season after only playing once for the club.

SAPFU Secretary General Thulaganyo Gaoshubelwe says they are going to present the matter of unpaid moneys to FIFA demanding an amount in the region of R2-million from Usuthu.

"We'll be in Zurich and we've got the case before CAS from the 29th to the 31st of May defending the case between AmaZulu and one player called Pinenas," Gaoshubelwe tells

"They fired him but the gist of the whole thing is about the Dispute Resolution Chamber of the South Africa is not compliant.

"We are claiming from them in the region of R2-million that this player is owed and we believe we'll go through and win this case.

"AmaZulu unfortunately, when they received the ruling from FIFA after we'd won, only then they wanted negotiate with us but we said, 'look, we cannot choose as to when you want to talk and let us sit down'.

"When they saw the outcome they only said 'can we refuse and give half of the amount?' So these are the issues we are currently dealing with."

Meanwhile, the Secretary General also revealed they are also taking the matter of Free State Stars after the breached of the contract of Ghanaian goalkeeper Daniel Adje.

Adje joined Ea Lia Koto in the 2008/09 season and was also released by the club at the start of 2014/15 season after featuring 17 times.

"We are taking one matter of Free State Stars to FIFA and that matter was sub-judicated and it was a breach of the contract of Daniel Adje," he added.

"He was the goalkeeper and if you remember they just terminated his contract that season. We went to Free State Stars, we spoke to them.

"We want to settle this thing very quickly and we refer the matter to FIFA and FIFA also pronounced on the status of the DRC which is not compliant but we've won that case.

"That case went to the levels of CAS and CAS agreed with us [SAPFU] and agreed with FIFA as well that dismissal of the player was unlawful. Now as we stand Free State Stars need to pay in millions in terms of the moneys and comply with that.

"Of course we are negotiating with them in terms of the payment and if they don't pay on a certain date, then we'll take the matter back to FIFA."